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  • Cafe Ollo 7 Northumberland Street Huddersfield (map)

Pop paintings by Milk, Two Sugars

Pop will eat itself they said and then it happened in 1982. If art should suffer the same fate resulting in a glut of poorly executed but self-aware works, then at the very lowest rung of that post-modern ladder is Huddersfield duo 'Milk, Two Sugars.' Arguably instantly forgettable, their images have dominated the niche of lo-fi Northern cut 'n' paste since 2006. Please buy one.

These latest pop paintings straddle the gaping chasm between technical ability and finger painting. After Brexit comes this; a brave new world of art. You asked for it. Pop means popular and that’s all we care about. Like us. Buy us. It will be Christmas soon. Seven ideal stocking fillers. Your mum will love the pigeon.

Celebrate the human, the marks people make on the world. Treasure the local, the small-scale, the eccentric, the ordinary: whatever is made from love, caring. Respect what people have built for themselves. Find the beauty in painting. Search for the hero inside yourself. We decontextualize. Then, we reconstruct. Then, we go to the pub.

Bob Milner is a part time firefighter and pigeon fancier. He studied quite hard but then burned out too soon. Tom Senior is a bon viveur and regional tiddly winks champion, beating his own brother in the final. The two met at a bus stop and decided to make cheap gags and doodles which for a while seemed to be going somewhere. They were asked to paint a mural but it was painted over.

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